What are 7 hard truths that everyone should know

1.      Time gives people the opportunity to regret, but it does not give you the opportunity to make up, such as a childhood that can’t go back, or a missing lover, so all we can do is to comfort ourselves, and time will heal everything.
2.      One day you will experience a dilemma. Although no one wants to choose, the choice is indeed the only way.
3.      You cannot stay the same forever, and trying to stay the same forever will only hurt yourself.
4.      You can’t control everything forever, even your own things, because there are so many emergencies around, so you can only try to make more plans.
5.      Life is difficult, but there are always people who break through the predicament. At this time, we have to move forward, but sometimes when we look back, we find that we are quite helpful.
6.      Death is the only way, but no one says how to face it, so we can only find a way to comfort ourselves.
7.      People are inherently unfair, but there are always people who say that we want to bridge this gap, but they ignore the risk of crossing this gap.
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