What was the best relationship advice you ever got

Someone asked me a question. “If you were
to blurt out the person you know best, whose name would you call it? ”

To be honest, I can’t actually tell anyone,
even my own name. I used to think that getting to know a person is easy. For
example, I know his preferences and do I know his past experience.

But as I grow older, I gradually realize
that even my parents or even myself do not understand. When I was in college,
the professor asked us to make a list of personal cognitions. At that time, I
was suddenly unable to write a comprehensive cognition of myself.

So I have some doubts whether it is a bit
decisive when understanding this term when applied to people. It’s like I think
I know my parents very well, but I didn’t realize that apart from being
parents, they are also independent individuals. Except when I was there, they
actually had their own independent lives and the relationship between me and

It needs to be managed, because feelings
are very complex things. Unless one party can achieve mental control, there
will be variables, and family relationships are no exception. Imagine a child
who has not been at home for a long time. After returning home, he can know
that his father’s taste has faded recently.

Not to mention getting along with friends
and lovers. Feelings are the emotional establishment of both parties. Instead
of trying hard to understand each other, it is better to try to understand each
other and constantly adjust the cognition of both parties.

Don’t try to understand what a person has, after all you don’t even understand yourself.

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