What are the important things to consider while choosing a life partner?

People who don’t expose their emotional life to the
public casually.
They can share but there is no
need to show everything about themselves to others, and enjoy independent
living space in order to hold another person.

Calm gentleness. Gentleness
is not publicity, but the feeling of each other’s goodness in life.

At least one thing to focus on.

Emotionally stable. Don’t
blame them easily, don’t point fingers at others’ lives, and this is also a
manifestation of a person’s demeanor.

A sense of proportionality and boundary. Economic independence and spiritual independence do not affect
showing one’s fragile side in a relationship. Distance can produce beauty, but
not too far.

Sincere but with a certain sense of mystery. Sincere to yourself and others, you can accept the best and can
bear the worst.

Have some innocuous shortcomings. Perfectionists live too entangled, only small shortcomings are true.

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