What is the dark side of falling in love?

The hidden dangers we
planted when we first entered an intimate relationship (with parents) in
childhood will definitely explode when we enter the second intimate
relationship (with a lover).

I often hear people around me say: If you don’t have a good relationship, you
don’t know what you are.


In a relationship, when you are frustrated,
someone will not laugh at your dreams, ridicule your dilemma, stay with you to
do nothing, and change with you;

When you are slapped in the face by
reality, dignity is trampled and bloody, at least, there is a light for you in
this city.

However, in most
cases, when you are frustrated, the subject may be the first to run away.

It is not deliberate derogation, many
people just feel it alone most of the time.

A person has choices, he just takes what he
thinks is more important and abandons you.

No one is responsible for you, even if you
have thought it. There is no need, we are all pawns of destiny. Recognize cruelty and accept it.

There are sayings about past lives in
China, and many people also believe that every
encounter is a regret in past lives
. So don’t test human nature through
romance, because human nature itself cannot withstand the test. Of course, love
hides the sadness and disappointment of the adult world. I still look forward
to it…


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