Can you write any beautiful, but short, love story?

At the dusk when
Grandma passed away, Grandpa accompanied her on the last journey of her life in
the ward. Grandma said to the grandpa before she left,
“School is

The grandpa, who had
always pretended to be calm, burst into tears like a child after hearing these
After the funeral, I asked about the meaning of the three words Grandpa.
Grandpa told me that this was a saying that grandpa used to say when he and
grandma were still in elementary school: school is over, let’s go home

Later, grandpa’s physical condition was also declining. One day
on Valentine’s Day, the demented grandfather disappeared. In the evening, the
hospital called and said that an old man with the phone sewed on his clothes
was standing in a ward and refused to leave. 
When I went to pick up my
grandfather, my mother cried as soon as she entered the ward, and grandma died
in this ward. 
When I saw the silly grandfather’s rose that I didn’t know where
to pick it from, I suddenly thought of Valentine’s Day a few years ago. When I
asked my grandfather why he wouldn’t give her a rose, my grandfather said that the silly old lady couldn’t match the rose. 

 In this life, he never said “I love you” to her once, but love never left.

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