The fastest thing that I have wiped a smirk off of my face?

When I was in elementary school, my mother and I were watching TV in the store. I vaguely heard the voice of children talking at the door. I thought someone was stealing soda and rushed out. It was found that two children were outside the store, looking at a large dragonfly with a yellow spot resting.

I moved on the bench from the house, and stretched out my hands cautiously, for fear of being noticed by it. For some reason it didn’t fly away, so I took it off by pinching its wings. I jumped off the stool and was about to show it off to everyone. Unexpectedly, they were scared and ran away. “What are you running? Dragonflies are beneficial insects.” I am full of contempt for their escape.

I walked into the store, on a whim, and put the dragonfly on the back of my hand. It was so painful that he cried for an instant, shaking his hands repeatedly to shake it off. The textbook also doesn’t say that dragonflies can bite people. No, I can’t just let me suffer cultural losses.

I wiped away my tears, twisted the dragonfly from the ground, confirmed that it was not killed, and took it back to the store. “Mom, I caught a big dragonfly.” I calmed down and ran to my mother to show off. “Let me see, Yo, such a big one.” My mother squeezed my wrist and looked at it over and over, just not holding it personally. I had to induce in an orderly manner. “Do you think dragonflies can bite people?” I used a simple tone with bright eyes. “Fool, of course not. Dragonflies are beneficial insects, the same as frogs.”

My mother was amused by my ignorance and scratched my nose with her finger. Sure enough, my mother didn’t know the secret either. “Really? Then dare you put it on your hands.” “Then what’s not to dare.” My mother took the dragonfly’s wings and took a closer look. Hesitated for a moment. In the end, I put the dragonfly on my bare shoulders and came to the conclusion that the dragonfly will bite people.

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