What is the most important thing in a relationship?

  1. Trust others, but at the same time maintain the ability to think independently.
  2. If others help you, even if it fails, thank you heartily.
  3. Get rid of intimacy and don’t look for a sense of security in others.
  4. Never say “who is my best friend” in front of others, unless you don’t want to further develop your relationship with him.
  5. Don’t make decisions for others casually, once something goes wrong, he will feel that the responsibility lies with you.
  6. Don’t persuade him to be generous when he has not experienced other people’s pain.
  7. Don’t believe in the exaggerated gestures of goodwill and sudden greetings. Generally nothing good.
  8. What to say to what kind of person.
  9. When communicating with others, don’t look down naturally. It will make them feel that you have no energy and will easily despise you.
  10. Never laugh at one’s dreams.
  11. For Bole and nobles in life, the best way to repay is to strive to be as good as them.
  12. When others answer your question vaguely or make rhetorical questions, it means that others do not want to answer your question, so you should not continue to ask.

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