What are some good habits to follow?

  • When going out, such as traveling and business trips, bring a pair of running shoes and a sports suit, and go for a morning run in a strange city.
  • Don’t try to persuade others.
  • Really! Don’t talk about anyone or anything in the bathroom!
  • Organize things when you are in a bad mood.
  • Regularly contact friends every week.
  • If you misunderstand or hurt someone, you must go to him and apologize and talk to him.
  • Set goals before starting to study or work.
  • When the computer is processing work, give him a clear name when processing. The best name should be date (year, month, day) + name.
  • When making a file, save it every 30 minutes.
  • When sending an email, you must add an attachment first, and then write the title and body, otherwise it is really easy to send an empty email!
  • In work, simple things can be explained clearly in 30s.
  • If possible, place pots of green plants next to the computer, the fresh air and eye-catching can also share the radiation for you.
  • The habit of getting rid of bad habits is a very important habit.
  • Don’t enjoy things beyond your ability in advance.
  • Always keep 30% mystery.
  • If someone assaults you, you must hurt him so hard that he knows where your bottom line is, otherwise, he will be fine next time.
  • When you encounter things and knowledge points you don’t understand, inquire immediately and don’t delay.
  • Develop a specialty and keep improving.
  • Give others more encouragement, and you will have unexpected gains.
  • When meeting for the first time, remember the name of the other person, and the goodwill caused by others doubles.
  • Remember to wear headphones when making calls, watching videos, and playing games in public schools.
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