What are the lessons you learned after a failed relationship?

  1. Distinguish the heartbeat and the like,
    otherwise it will be a waste of two people’s time.
  2. There is nothing that is supposed to,
    including the love and tolerance of the other side. So you can’t enjoy his good
    with peace of mind, everything needs to be reciprocated.
  3. If a person really loves you, he will take
    the initiative to contact you.
  4. The more you care about a person, the
    easier it is to behave badly.
  5. The feeling on the first side determines
    the other person’s overall impression of you.
  6. Remember not to feel good about others
    across the screen.
  7. A peaceful breakup is the last chance to
    make a good impression on the other side.
  8. Never want to fall in love because of
    loneliness, nor fall in love because of loneliness.
  9. if you never refuse to treat others well, you will suspect
    that your lover also refuses others and is irresponsible, so as to continue to
    prove the other’s infidelity according to your own guesses.
  10. You can continue to live if you lose
    anything, so you know how to love yourself.
  11. Heartbeat does not mean like.
  12. Don’t ask the other person to love you in
    your way.
  13. Don’t easily compare your own emotional
    state with the emotional lives of others.
  14. Being with the person you like, even if
    it’s just a day, an hour, or a second, it’s worth it.
  15. Don’t think of anyone as your world.
  16. Whether a person likes you or not has
    nothing to do with whether you are good or not.
  17. The more you can remember the one you love,
    the more you want to be good for him. If the other half is not willing to be
    better for you, to a large extent he does not love you enough.
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