What picture (photo/image) makes you sad?

  • The little boy cried at a loss because the six sheep of his family were hit and killed by the taxi that escaped. Maybe he is too young to understand the meaning of life, but he knows that these six sheep are all of his life-now they are gone.

  • The mottled marks on the wall are the struggles portrayed by human nails. This photo was taken in the Auschwitz concentration camp poison gas laboratory.

  • In 1990, when the AIDS patient David Kirby was dying, he was surrounded by his family. His father’s painful expression broke the world’s heart.

  • One night in 1982, a couple had a domestic violence incident in their home in the suburbs of New Jersey. The husband beat his wife and the helpless wife was forced to the corner of the room.

  • A heavily armed scientific researcher held up a camera to photograph a pile of ruins in front of him. This pile of ruins was the core of the Chernobyl nuclear leak. Its radiation dose is lethal within a minute, even for a short time. The exposure will also make you feel dizzy after a few weeks.

  • In the picturesque scenery, a young girl was enjoying it all while holding a camera, and then she was pushed down by her boyfriend behind her. This was one of the saddest evidences collected by the police at the time.

  • Uncle Ho’s wife, 63, died of a heart attack while buying medicine. After the uncle arrived, he kept holding his wife and didn’t let go. He sat on the sidewalk for nearly two hours and said, “I want to hold her for a while at the end. I won’t have a chance anymore!”

  • Luca, a 12-year-old boy with muscle atrophy, finally finished his dream with the help of a photographer.

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