What was a gift that made you speechless?

This gift is a bit speechless to me,
because I never thought that my father would secretly buy a gold necklace for
my mother on Valentine’s Day.
Don’t think this matter is small, this gift
really subverts my view of my father.

Below you can read why I was so shocked by
his actions.

My parents were both born in the
countryside. In their days, most of their marriages followed the opinions of
their elders. My parents are no exception. They are introduced by matchmakers,
meet, and get married after a period of time. In this way, they live in a plain
life. They never celebrate Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, etc. Even on
each other’s birthday, my mom just cooks some delicious meals. So the gift will
never exist in my family (sad).

Until one day my father went to the county
town and saw a gold store promoting Valentine’s Day. He entered this store and
listened to the clerk’s non-stop introduction. He went shopping for a long
time, and then he silently returned. Then he silently got home, he stretched
out his hand when he saw my mom, with a necklace inside.
I don’t know if you
can imagine my mother’s expression (incomparable shock and joy). This is the first
gift she received from my dad
. This gift is really late.

Later, my mother told me that before
getting married, my father promised that he would buy her three golds. Three
golds are common etiquettes in certain wedding leave customs in China, namely
gold rings, gold necklaces, and gold bracelets. She said that she waited for
more than 20 years
(don’t doubt the relationship between the two of them~).
After so long, she thought my dad had forgotten, but she didn’t expect that he
would really be alone on Valentine’s Day. Stupidly walked into a jewelry store
and bought a necklace that had been promised for more than 20 years. (It may be
that Dad was impulsive). 

However, in the end, my mom never take it out, because
it was too ostentatious …

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