What would be your advice for teens?

  1. The first point is to love yourself, no matter how old you are, you must recognize yourself.
  2. You must have your own opinion, but don’t blindly reject other people’s suggestions, especially teachers and parents, because sometimes what they say is correct.
  3. Others don’t care about you much more than you think, so don’t get too entangled in other people’s opinions, especially in the process of getting along with classmates.
  4. When you leave the campus, you will not be able to contact many classmates. This is normal, but it is best to have 2 or 3 close friends so that you will not be alone.
  5. Others can’t feel your embarrassment. What can be felt by others is the embarrassment of their own. So be yourself (of course, don’t be too outrageous)
  6. Don’t keep thinking about growing up quickly. Being an adult is really hard. So you only need to do what you should do now to make it easier when you grow up.
  7. When you have the opportunity to help others, try to help others.
  8. Learn to express, don’t let the other person guess, and learn to speak out the current feelings. Only in this way can you not doubt whether your parents and friends are on your side.
  9. Find out whether you want to be happy or to prove that you are innocent. If you want to be happy, learn to change. If you just want to prove that you are innocent, the result will not change after finding out the external reasons.
  10. Sometimes you feel that you have no rebellious period, but when you realize this, you have already begun to resist unconsciously.
  11. After understanding your own talents and specialties, you must carry forward them to the extreme. This way, when you grow up, you won’t feel that you didn’t have attachments when you were young.
  12. Don’t be afraid to trouble others, don’t think that you will be rejected when you haven’t sent a request, just try it.
  13. If others have a hundred reasons to make you unhappy, then you must have one hundred and one reasons to make yourself happy.
  14. In learning this matter, do not move yourself, when you feel that you are tired of learning, to a large extent you learn very little.
  15. Don’t pretend to be mature. The difference between impulsiveness and maturity is that when we achieve the results we want, we will not regret the subsequent development.
  16. School is a small society. Apart from concentrating on studying, we should also learn the methods and skills of getting along with others.
  17. You can have no dreams now, but you must have goals.
  18. Grasp the balance between the individual and the collective. You can hate everyone, but don’t let everyone hate you, otherwise life will be really difficult.
  19. The advantage you have now that no one else has is that you are still young! But this is also your fatal point.

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