What are some examples of bad design?

  • I don’t think I can walk down this staircase safely. I’m sure!

  • Why hang the model on it? Don’t you think it’s scary?

  • So how to park? That is a question…

  • Two steps are too wide and one step is too narrow, so can’t the distance be designed reasonably?

  • Pay attention to every moment when you press the shutdown button~~~

  • I’m very happy to be hit by the bottle cap.

  • So how do I open the lock and go home.

  • What does it mean to design these two steps?

  • Every time I go to the toilet, I feel like being a king!!!

  • Do I need to find another to drink this glass of water~~

  • I have been looking for a quilt with a scale for a long time, but how do I measure it?

  • I get crazy every time I get into such an elevator! There is so much buttons!!!

  • It’s really easy to make mistakes when urinating…

  • Who designed this glass, let me see how you go to the toilet!

  • If you accidentally get stuck in the middle. . .

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