What are some things that make you sad?

Wake up at dusk !!!

I don’t like dusk~ I always feel that everything is dead in the dusk, and everything seems to disappear. I don’t know what I can do when the sun is about to set, and if I see any sad news at dusk, my sadness will be doubled and even go to extremes…

This disgust may be related to the experience of childhood. I went to boarding school from junior high school, and every time I went back to school it was dusk. At that time, my parents sent me back to school or I drove back to school by myself. Every time I saw my parents turn and leave, I felt like I was abandoned. Although I know this feeling is wrong and it is not a big deal, over time I become so disgusted with dusk. Especially when I wake up at dusk and find that there is no one around, I will feel as if I don’t belong to this world.

I don’t know if you have the same feeling about dusk.

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