What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?

  1. The villain has to talk a lot of nonsense before killing the protagonist. Every time I see this plot, I know that this villain will definitely fail! Who can speak so much in real life!
  2. When a single person beats up many bad guys, the bad guys don’t go together, but one group after another. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the protagonist to hit you one by one?
  3. Turn your back to your opponent! “Never turn your back to your opponent”, my mother has let me remember this sentence since I was a child, but the protagonist never knows. . .
  4. Never check if the villain is dead. The protagonist fought against one or a group of enemies for three hundred rounds. After victory, he turned around and left… But in the next second, a lingering enemy suddenly got up and poke a blood hole in the protagonist with the last trace of strength. Since then, the plot has taken a sharp turn, immortal and crippled…
  5. Don’t know how to whisper. In the play, the voices of several people chewing their tongues behind people in the office or shopping mall every time, but no one can hear that!
  6. Never dial the phone, just pick it up and talk.
  7. “Tom you go!” “No!go together” “Go!Go!” “No!” Are you kidding me? Just run away ok? If you can’t help your partner, don’ t trouble him!
  8. The more weird the place, the more they have to look at it. In many horror movies, the protagonists feel that the house is not right, so run away! Why go in. And can you keep silent if you hide in secret! When you hiding under the bed, can your phone be muted?
  9. When it’s very, very urgent, they always have so much to talk ,and time seems to stand still.
  10. Do not lock the car, even some do not turn off. Never close the door when they enter the house. Never ask the price or change the bill…
  11. The murderer is…Then he died before finishing talking.
  12. During the meal scene, some characters often skip a bite and then say “I’m full”, “I’m going to my room first” and so on. It feels very unrealistic.
  13. The confession is accompanied by bgm and the music is very romantic.
  14. When they look in the mirror, they never look at their face, and they can always see the person behind the mirror.
  15. The world is small in film and television. They can meet each other without contact information. For five years, I have never met with my primary school classmates in the same community.
  16. They don’t play mobile phones.
  17. In the romance film, the male and female experience various contradictions and difficulties together. In reality, it is too difficult. If you miss it, you miss!
  18. The protagonist and the villain point their guns to each other. How do they know that the other one will not shoot when they point at.
  19. They can get a taxi every time they go out in an emergency.Why can’t I get a taxi? Will they not catch up with the peak when they go out?
  20. The protagonist falls off a cliff or a tall building, grabs the edge with both hands, and then tries his best to become one-handed. . . And it can last for a long time…Amazing!
  21. She covered her face and said: You hit me! Does real life really say that you hit me? Don’t you fight back immediately?
  22. Listen to my explain!—I don’t listen! —Let me explain!—I don’t listen! Can’t you explain directly~
  23. Super strong language organization ability! They never stumbling in speech, just a sentence full of precise words here.

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