What are some red flags to look for early in a relationship?

A rift in a relationship is actually easy for everyone to find, whether in friendship or love. And there are some obvious signs, but sometimes we don’t want to admit it, or we don’t pay attention to the other’s emotional changes.

  • When your friend confided in negative emotions and you comforted her in a long form, she did not return to you.
  • When your friend are too self-conscious and picks your faults blindly, and you no longer want to apologize or compromise.
  • When you talk to her about your sadness, you only get a touch of your head and feel sorry for you. It is understandable that not all people have to empathize with your sadness, but sometimes, there is not a word of comfort, and it will become tired after a long time.
  • When your friend says you have any sadness, you can tell her. But when you say it, she just talk about something else.
  • When you never want to share anything with her again.
  • When you have nothing in common, there is nothing to say.
  • When you have too much difference in the three views and you disregard each other’s three views, it is the end of the friendship.
  • When others can provoke discord at will.
  • When you forget all the good moments because of a little friction.
  • When you suddenly find yourself deleted by your fiend.

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