What are some things you realized when you got mature?

1. Compared to the protagonist, this world is more of a supporting role.

2. Being sincere to someone is not necessarily rewarding, and the people you ignore may often value you the most.

3. Everyone is responsible for their choices.

4. Don’t argue with others, because there is no result, no matter who is right or wrong.

5. There are many things that can be met but not desired, and many things can only be owned once.

6. Don’t get angry with people around you when you are in a bad mood.

7. Even if someone does not care about emotions, you must firmly believe that the emotions between people may make everything impossible to surpass, but remember, it is only possible.

8. Not everything is meaningful to do, but everything you do feels like a memory!

9. Holding a girl’s hand will not get pregnant.

10. People’s personalities can be so different.

11. Too much care for others often hurts oneself.

12. There will be fewer and fewer people who are good to yourself over time.

13. There will be many temptations, no matter what others are, you are you, and you have your principles and limits.

14. Aging is not a slow process.

15. It turns out that two people are together, true or false, and the time spent together still occupies an important component.

16. I am also growing up slowly, not as a child anymore, adapting to the growth of everything.

17. Give people the true meaning of meeting each other in the future. There are no eternal enemies but eternal friends. Don’t do anything too extreme. The end of the matter is always spoken.

18. No matter how good friends you play, you may lose, but we still have to face it optimistically. If we really regard him (her) as our friend, we should bless him (her). Looking away! Just do what you want made.

19. I am slowly accepting society, so I have to slowly learn to adapt.

20. Love is not necessarily true, it may be an interest relationship, or it may be a comparison psychology.

21. There are heroes in dreams and stories, but they are not visible in life.

22. There will be people who hate you or can’t get along with you, but he will do whatever he likes. We have to be generous and don’t care about the villain, but the premise is that you are correct.

23. Not everyone can be friends.

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