What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct?

The drowning man died standing quietly in the water. When a person drowns, it will instinctively protect the respiratory system automatically. Other body parts are secondary. The drowning person will not call for help. They must first ensure breathing.

Young children’s adult teeth are located under their eyes. When the baby’s young teeth fall, new teeth will suddenly appear and pop into place.

From the appearance of billiards to the 1870s, all billiards were made of ivory.

In the era without a stethoscope, doctors visited patients with one hand on the chest and the other hand on the hip, just like the following. It was not until the French physician Reneck invented the stethoscope in 1816 that this invention made medicine a big step forward.

Not everyone is refreshed when they drink coffee, and when they drink coffee, they get sleepy. This wonderful phenomenon is determined by human genes and is called the “coffee nep” phenomenon. Scientists have discovered that there is a PDSS2 gene in the human body, which affects the ability of cells to break down caffeine. So when you drink coffee, you are sleepy or refreshed. In fact, you are born with it.

The brain does not feel pain. The reason why we feel pain is because of pain receptors. This sensory receptor transmits signals to the spinal cord and brain, and the brain warns of danger.

Diving 22 meters with naked eyes, people can still see clearly below sea level. There is a group of people named Moken on the seaside of Thailand. They are not known to be affected by a genetic mutation or acquired behavior. Their eyes can easily distinguish between edible clams and ordinary rocks at a place ten meters below the surface of the water.

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