What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

You are afraid of being a lone.

You can’t find the joy of life. Lying in the bed on the weekend, you find that there is nothing to be happy about the past week.

You are too concerned about the world. When you have not made contact with social networks for three day, you will feel that you have missed the world.

You start to become complacent. When others have different opinions from yours, you will refute others without thinking, just indulge in your own cognitive world and no longer want to change.

Nothing can attract you. You start to change your goals often and you can’t focus on one thing.

Your compassion is overwhelming. You have no idea how to refuse other people’s requests and  focus your time and energy on gaining recognition from others, ignoring the moments of being alone.

Like to complain. Complain about all the external factors that make you unhappy, and no longer think seriously about how to improve yourself.

When you think reading is useless,and find yourself unable to read a very long article.

When you start to feel that life is short and there is no need to move forward actively.

When you turn a blind eye to the success of others,and say that’s no big deal.

When you think other people are very annoying, and don’ t want to make friends anymore.

When you want to escape the reality, the first thought is to smoke and drink.

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