What is your definition of a perfect life partner?

  • He should love animals, because people who love animals are very kind. Although I may not have pets~
  • He has a lot of hobbies so that we will not get bored together.
  • He will always trust me. Although I may not speak to him for several days.
  • He knows my bottom line and never crosses it.
  • He can detect my emotional changes in time. For example, when I was wronged, he could detect and respond.
  • He can go shopping with me, and will not show impatient behavior.
  • He will keep a good distance from other women, especially when I am not by his side.
  • He can cook and take a good care of himself.
  • He can play basketball. I always think boys who can play basketball are cool.
  • He will pay attention to his dress, giving people a refreshing feeling.
  • He can remember all the dates that are meaningful to us.
  • Whenever I’m sad, he will hold me and tell me that it doesn’t matter, everything will pass.
  • He will do a good strategy when traveling.
  • He has values that I respect and I can always learn something from him.
  • He has his own ideas, but he will also respect my ideas.
  • He will not force me to do things I don’t want to do.
  • He can be very clear about my preferences.
  • Of course love is mutual, and I will try my best to realize the above content. In the end, I hope you can all find your partner.

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