What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

  • Society is not as dark as you think, nor as bright as you think.
  • The Internet tends to make people feel that everyone is equal. In fact, classes are everywhere.
  • Many people have gone away, not because you have lost contact, but because you are poor.
  • Don’t break the lie easily and the illusion casually, it may be the last dignity and all the persistence of the other.
  • Don’t make fun of other people’s defects, no matter how good the relationship is.
  • Speaking carelessly often reveals the essence of a person more than blunt words, so dont believe other peoples words easily.
  • Don’t make one thing too absolute, unless you have a way out for yourself.
  • Don’t easily expose the part of the deepest part of your heart that is not meant to be revealed. A friend who is easily obtained by sympathy may not look down on you in your heart.
  • Friends are also jealous.
  • When you enter a new team, members will immediately follow you. Be sure to cheer up. The internal competition of this team is bound to be fierce and the relationship between core members is not harmonious.
  • Life has no meaning, but meaning is given by you. So don’t worry about the meaning of life, instead of worrying about the meaning of life, it is better to have a delicious meal.
  • It is difficult for adults to be persuaded. If you are persuaded, it is only because your views are in line with their original interests.
  • You must always maintain self-confidence when facing someone better than you,so that you can find the gap with others and make continuous progress.
  • No one likes to be with people who are worthless, including those who are originally worthless. Free is the most expensive.
  • Anything that requires your signature must be understood and signed after confirmation.
  • Whether some words are joking or not depends on the person listening.
  • Society likes not only capable people, but also energy. A capable person does not necessarily have energy, but a capable person will one day become a capable person.
  • The most extreme sadness is often without tears.
  • Learn to compliment others in the right way, so that you will not be self-defeating.

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