What are some mind-blowing facts about food?

  • Grapes will explode when placed in a microwave oven, and other fruits with a skin and seal will also explode.
  • Compared to drinking coffee, eating apples can make you sober. Apple has a natural aroma which can relieve stress and refresh your brain. The sufficient mineral boron in apples can also quickly turn the sleepy brain to a awake state.
  • Cheese is the most frequently stolen food in the world.
  • Pure honey never go bad.
  • Ketchup was a medicine in the 1830s. Modern medical research shows that tomato sauce can effectively reduce the human body’s low-density lipoprotein cholesterol content, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • The reason why airplane meals are not delicious enough is mainly because human sense of smell and taste will drop by 30% in a high-altitude sealed pressurized cabin.
  • The vitamin C content of cabbage is higher than that of lemon, and jujube is the real king of VC.
  • Coconut water can be used as a substitute for plasma in extreme emergency situations.
  • Turn the pineapple upside down (leaves below ) can make it ripen faster.
  • Generally, after the popcorn is fried, there will only be two shapes, one is snowflake shape and the other is mushroom shape.
  • The corn kernels are in even rows.
  • The grapes with hoarfrost are fresher, and hoarfrost is a sugar alcohol substance secreted by the grape itself, which is harmless to the human body.
  • More than 90% of cucumbers are water. In activities such as mountain climbing and spring outings, cucumbers are great snacks. Eating it can not only improve satiety, but also replenish lost water.
  • Do not store durian in the refrigerator.
  • Avocado has more calories than pork.
  • German chocolate cake was not invented by the Germans. It was invented by Mrs. George Clay from Texas in the United States.
  • Eating bananas cannot ease constipation, because bananas are not high in fiber content, which can not effectively stimulate intestinal peristalsis and achieve a laxative effect.
  • The insects in the bayberry can also be eaten. There may indeed be small white insects in the bayberry, but it’s harmless to human body.
  • Because of the presence of carotene, eating more carrots will make your skin yellow.
  • Banana trees are herbaceous plants rather than woody plants, so bananas grow on grass instead of trees!
  • Eating chocolate can really make you happy.

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