What is the best sentence you have ever heard? Why do you consider it to be the best?

The following sentences really helped me a lot, and I hope you can find something useful.

  • A lady with a real temperament never shows off everything she has. She does not tell people what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, and what jewelry she has bought because she has no sense of inferiority.
  • The grievance that can be said is not the real one; the lover who can be taken away is not a real lover.
  • The best revenge is not hatred, but indifference from the bottom of your heart, so why bother to hate an irrelevant person.
  • No matter how luxurious a wedding is, it does not mean a happy marriage.
  • No matter what you do, remember to do it for yourself, then there is no regret.
  • Marriage has nothing to do with love. People always think that they will get married when love is mature, but they don’t know that marriage is just a way of life. Everyone can get married. It’s very simple. Love… is another matter entirely.
  • It’s good to be able to cry, crying is a sign of healing.
  • If you want to be grateful for everything, you must be disappointed.
  • No matter what, it is always unforgivable for a person to fall for an excuse.
  • The more no one loves, the more you must love yourself.
  • A mature person often finds that there are fewer and fewer people to blame, because everyone has his own difficulties.
  • The capable people influence others, and the incompetent groups are influenced by others.
  • I want a lot of love. If there is no love, then there is a lot of money. If there are no two, it is good to have health.
  • People tend to believe only what they are willing to believe.
  • Showing off your self-esteem in front of money and love is the most stupid thing.
  • Many people don’t love each other, but they can get along for a lifetime.
  • We all desire to be taken care of and loved. At this point, everyone is vulnerable.
  • Maybe when a person is really helpless,the only thing he can do is smiling.

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