What are some examples of human cruelty?

  • People are skinning crocodiles.People would stun the crocodile with an electric gun, then cut their necks and bleed. If some crocodiles are not comatose, their spines will be cut off,and brains will be destroyed directly with metal rods.

  • Look at the desperate eyes of the deer.People are going to cut its antler.

  • A mink that has been electrocuted or poisoned is about to be skinned.

  • A skinned leopard, people use its skin to make clothes.

  • Human consumption of shark fin has led to a sharp decline in the number of sharks.

  • A bear’s bile is taken several times a year.

  • To prevent the goose from spitting out, rubber bands are used to bind the goose’s throat.

  • A rhinoceros with its horns cut off.

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