What disgusts you?

I think the most disgusting thing is that when a person accepts the help of others, he begins to become greedy, not enterprising, and even ungrateful. 

A singer named Cong Fei has been subsidizing out of school children in poor mountainous areas since 1994. In the 11 years of charity, he has supported nearly 200 poor children, donated more than 3 million yuan and participated in more than 400 charity performances.

However, Cong Fei was found to have stomach cancer in May 2005, but he did not leave enough savings for his own treatment due to unreserved donations for years. And some of the people he helped have already entered the society and had a certain income, and some even made a lot of money… I thought there would be someone to help, but almost everyone kept silent.
This damned silence!
One of the recipients became a university teacher, but after he successfully got rid of poverty, the only intersection with Cong Fei was that he wanted to delete his name from the list of recipients previously reported.
“I’m a university teacher now, and it’s a shame for students to know.”
In addition, parents who did not receive further donations began to harass Cong Fei.
After Cong Fei was hospitalized, his friend Lin Yan received numerous calls like this:
“You said you would support my children until they went to college. Now they just got to junior high school, but you don’t care now! Aren’t you cheating?”
“Cong Fei is now ill and unable to continue. When he recovers a little, he must try to send money to you.”
“What disease does he have?”
“It’s stomach cancer.”
“Then ask him when he can be cured and come out to earn money!”
That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Never challenge humanity with your goodness.

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