What makes a person classy?

Classy people:

  • They have good manners and you will not see cowardice in them.
  • They will not deliberately pursue fashion, but will find elements suitable for themselves in fashion.
  • Their smiles are infectious and approachable.
  • They have a clear definition of themselves and don’t agree that a person should do certain things at a certain age.
  • They do what they ought to do, but will remain childlike.
  • They have their own attitudes and lifestyles and are not easily influenced by others.
  • They can stand the temptation.
  • They respect everyone, but they don’t lower their principles because of others’ weakness.
  • They have clear goals and time management, and you can perceive their rigorous attitude towards life from their daily behaviors.
  • They abide by social rules, but they also have their own views on society.
  • They don’t care about the eyes of the outside world, instead they can influence others silently.
  • The last one, they love life!

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