How do you know when someone really loves you?

  1. Willing to give. Your partner is usually very busy, but still willing to spend time with you to the amusement park for a whole day. However, if his salary is very low, but he still bought a very expensive necklace on your birthday, it is not called giving.
  2. Mature performance. In fact, boys are more childish than girls of the same age, but when they meet people they really like, they will become mature. They hope that they can take good care of their partners and protect them. Even if they can’t mature, they will try to do better.
  3. Identify with you. If a person loves you, he must affirm and approve of you, even worship. One aspect of you must be appreciated by him, and he never grudges his praise. If you meet someone who likes to crush you, please leave him as soon as possible.
  4. See love in detail. When your partner looks at you, he will unconsciously smile, even if you do nothing, just stand there, his eyes will shine.
  5. Admit mistakes after quarrel. It’s normal for couples to have conflicts. The difference is that the person who loves you won’t hurt you with his own emotions and won’t say hurtful words.
  6. Try hard to communicate. Your partner will try to communicate with you when he is in conflict. He will open his heart to you when he meets a knot. At the same time, he will share his stubborn dream and small inner worry with you.
  7. Willing to sacrifice for you. This sacrifice is not the sacrifice of life and freedom, but the willingness to “make an exception” for you. For example, a person who doesn’t want to be active in social circles and is willing to show love for you. A game fan starts to study travel strategies in order to cooperate with you.
  8. Bring you into his social circle. When a man loves you, he will certainly regard owning you as a happy and conspicuous thing. How can he keep his social circle from knowing it for a long time?
  9. He can not say “I love you” to you, but when people ask, he will blurt out that the person he loves most is you!
  10. You are in his future plan. He said he would give you a home, and then he would try to save money to buy a house and write your name; He said that he wants to have a baby with you, and then he will be ready to learn relevant knowledge for future needs; He said he wanted to live with you forever, and then he would figure out where to retire, where to travel and where to settle down in the future.
  11. He will not be too infatuated with you, but put you in his heart.

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