What is the best short (less than 200 words) love story you can come up with?

They met in a the disable athletes swimming pool. The boy would deliver food to the people here every day. That day, the girl came to see her sister in the swimming pool and met him. The charming smile of girls made the boys fall in love at first sight. He asked the girl’s sister how to express her name in sign language. After learning, he immediately chased out to the girl to express his love. But the girl didn’t accept him, and then the boy began to persue her persistently.

In this way, they started their first date. When they were dating, the boy said she was too tired because she had to help her sister win the gold medal in the competition and work several jobs to support the family. The girl understood what the boy means and also knew she need to have her own life. However, she couldn’t give up her sister’s dream and worried about whether she could take good care of the two deaf and blind person. In this way, their first date in silence became very bad. Later, the girl’s sister had an accident and missed the gold medal. The two sisters talked in sign language for a long time. Her sister said that the reason why she wanted to win the gold medal is to make the girl proud, and the girl also blamed herself for not taking good care of her sister.

The boy still made love Bento for girls every day. One day, they sat by the swimming pool and the girl turned her back to him. The boy confessed to her again, but this time he speaked out. He thought the girl couldn’t hear, but when he finished, the girl turned and the boy fell into the pool. Later, the two came together.

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