Some ways to improve your EQ when dating with a girl!

🙂People with high EQ will not make people feel embarrassed in many fields. Take dating as an example, boys can improve their EQ through these points, so as to increase girls’ favor for them.

  • Pick up your girl

On the premise that you are not late, you can pick up the girls. Remember to open the door for the girls when you get on or off the car. You can gently protect her head with your hands. When you are finishing a date you can send her back, at leas, helping her call a taxi. Anyway, you must watch the girl leave.

  • Ask the girl’s opinion

Before you make a decision, be sure to ask her opinion. For example, in the choice of restaurants, it is necessary to ask her suggestion. If the girl says, “All right, listen to you.” At this time, you can’t force her to make a clear answer, but offer her two or three delicious restaurants for her to choose, or take her directly to a restaurant you think is the best and familiar.

  • Learn about her preferences from her friends

“I remember you like to eat XXX, there is a good store evaluation, let’s try it together.”

“Don’t you like kittens very much? I know a shop that can roll cats while eating.”

  • Be polite to others

Be polite not only to your girl, but also to others, otherwise she will think you are a hypocrite.

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