What did your best friend do that ended your friendship?

—Can we go out this weekend?

No ,I have an appointment with my colleague.

—But I told you from last week!

SORRY, I forgot, and you are my best friend, forgive me ok?

—(Calling…) I find a suitable house for us,and we need to pay the house rent. Do you have any problem?

What? It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it. Actually, you can live with another person ok? And I can find a cheaper one with my friend.

—But you said that as long as I think it’s OK, you can accept all the conditions. And you haven’t even seen this house!

—I can’t afford it you know? Can’t you understand me?

—Fine! I’ll live with other person. But now, don’t explain too much too me, cause I’m afraid I will say something hurt you ok? I’ll talk to you when I come back to the company.

Later ….

—(Texting…) know I was just a little impulsive and said something bad, but you really want to live other person…..(long long words emit) I hope you can find a good place to live….(long long words emit)


I know we won’t come back.

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