What art work make you speechless?

When you see this picture, what do you think the creator wants to express?

Man and nature, or sex?
What about this one?

In fact, the creator of the second work is one of the creators of the first. But before I upload the second photo, you may unconsciously evaluate the above photo. For example, what the creators want to express by using nude elements, and what is the meaning of superimposing the human body, and the meaning of combining man and nature is certainly not simple. In short, this work seems to have a lot of content that you can’t understand by yourself, but you still try your best to make sense. And when you see the second picture, you will feel as if you have been cheated. Maybe this is a prank.
Art is like this. Many times you may follow the trend and say that a certain work is great, so as to avoid disconnecting yourself from the public.


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