How to keep a long relationship

1. Commitments need to be given to each other. In a relationship, you can’t expect the other one to give you a promise and keep an invest in the relationship. Accordingly you also need to make a promise to your partner and give him a sense of security (albeit verbally).

2. There must be similar values between each other. When a person can’t recognize the other one’s values at all, their lives will be very difficult and will be tortured for each other. For example, you yearn for romance, but your significant other cannot understand it.
3. Sexual needs (between couples). Sex is a topic that cannot be bypassed by many couples, so it is also necessary for both person to reach a consensus when dealing with sex.
4. There must be a sense of mystery between each other. This sense of mystery does not mean to deceive each other, but to keep the other person curious about you so that both of you will not get tired of each other.
5. Know how to make surprises. No one does not like surprises. When a person knows that you can secretly prepare for him, he will be touched. Similarly, when a person can make surprise on your birthday or an anniversary, you can aware of his sincerity. Moreover, sometimes surprises do not require too much time and energy.

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