How can you make me smile

I want to share some interesting graffiti with you and hope you will be happy.

Small flowers opened in the corner and gave them to you.

“I” can’t stand it, it’s really time to change my house.

Oh, God. “I” hope she doesn’t know “I”sent the strawberries.

The bird is foraging, but something strange on the ground.

Oh, my God, there’s a man hanging from the green light.

Here’s an arrested little mouse by a beast, who’s going to save him?

I do feel the comfort of lying there!

Thank god! He finally found the water!

This little bird is waiting to be fed.

Terrible rubbish.

The tree was struck by lightning.

Ha, Bruce Lee!

Look at the two seven-star ladybugs.

There is a little girl reading a book in the deciduous bushes.

There is a man swimming here!

A man climbing a mountain. Nice job!

Hope you can smile.GOOD LUCK!

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