How can I get rid of overthinking?

  • First of all you need to understand your situation.

A person who thinks too much is usually related to his growth environment. For example, children who grow up in divorced families often feel insecure, and they think more than others because there is no one to back them up. In this case, it is not a bad thing for a person to think too much, because he can make more plans for himself, so that when he makes a mistake, he won’t become helpless. But if you think too much and cause trouble to others, you may need to think about your relationship with others.

  • Get rid of people who misjudge you.

As mentioned above, thinking too much is actually two-sided. When you think too much, you can make plan B or plan C. But when you make a lot of predictions, your worries will also increase, because many times you will assume things in bad directions. Especially when you are with friends, they will think you are too sensitive and pessimistic, and don’t know how to have fun in time. At this time, you can try to follow other people’s suggestions and not think too much, just make one plan and see the results. However, if after many attempts you find that only one plan will make your life extremely inconvenient, then you should not struggle with friends’ complaints, or you can stay away from those who give you bad advice.

  • Achieve your plan

Of course, there is another situation that you think a lot but never practice it and lack the ability to act. You imagine that today you need to complete the work report, you need to accompany the elderly, and you need to make time for yourself to study. But you worry that you will not be able to finish your work, and then you can’t spare time to spend time with your family, and you don’t have your own free time later. In short, you will spend a long time imagining emergencies. This is just an example. If you think too much, maybe your actions can’t keep up with the plan. What you have to do is to realize what you plan.

  • Find a way that suits your mental balance.

When you want to think cranky, you can do sports, or go out of the house, because usually in your own home you are easy to think cranky, or you can go to a coffee shop or shopping mall. In a noisy environment you won’t think a lot of. Just find a way that suits you to balance anxiety.

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