What are the most interesting facts about human behavior?

  1. You can know a person’s behavior very well because you see who you used to be in him.
  2. If you get along very well with a person and he can answer every topic you have, the biggest possibility is not that you met a confidant, but that you met someone with high emotional security.
  3. If the distance between men and women is less than 50 cm, it is easy for both sides to feel good about each other.
  4. Give someone two or three things for free and you can get a glimpse of his character.
  5. When evaluating a person, people like to push one of the positive or negative characteristics of that person over other aspects of his character.
  6. Observe a person’s attitude towards subordinates and waiters, you can see his character.
  7. People like to continue to support programs that haven’t been successful before.
  8. A person in a state of stress can reveal his original character.
  9. Any bad thing, if not blocked at the beginning, the result will be even worse.
  10. Many people have inexplicable fears about certain animals, such as spiders and snakes, and women are more likely than men to have fear and loathing.
  11. What is often difficult to accept is not your own failure, but your opponent’s success.
  12. In interpersonal communication, a person’s characteristics in one aspect can mask other characteristics, resulting in interpersonal cognitive impairment. For example, some old people do not approve of young people’s dress and living habits, they think their future must be very bad.
  13. It is easy for a person to believe that a general description of personality is particularly suitable for him.
  14. Actively hugging a person from behind can make him feel safe.
  15. The more robust a child’s cognitive function develops, the better their lying skills will be because they have a way to lie.
  16. When people know that someone is observing their activities, they like to do something different.

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