If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?

Re-examine yourself

I think when you raise this question, it means that you are currently experiencing bottlenecks in your life, or that you want to find excuses for your bad life. To be honest, improving your life is not something you can do with only one thing.

  • Some people say that you can read more books, but in fact what you hate most is reading, so this advice may not be useful.
  • Some people say that you can keep exercising. Exercise is not only good for your body, but also exercises your willpower. But you may be busy with work every day and can’t spare time to exercise. So this advice needs to be considered again.
  • Say “I am the best” to yourself every day. This sounds good, but this advice sounds a bit naive, after all, you may not have the energy to cheer for yourself when you are sick.
  • Regular travel to relax, this sounds very good, travel can not only relax, but also let you learn about new things and make your life more colorful. But there are still some people who don’t like to go out at all, they just want to stay at home.

All in all, every piece of advice you hear comes from other people’s life experiences. And all you have to do is when you ask this question, reflect on why you are asking.

: ) Re-examine yourself and your life. Because many times you already have the answer in your heart, but you need someone to tell you whether exercise can really make your life better, and whether more reading can really make your life more fulfilling. Do not think too much ok? Just ask yourself what you really want to do when you raise this question.

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