What are some common traits of the highly emotionally intelligent people?

People with high EQ will consider some dimensions more than others when doing things and speaking:

  • The feelings of the other person
  • Whether the words are suitable for the matter and the situation
  • The identity of both parties
  • Whether the other person is serious or joking
  • The true purpose of the other person’s words

People with high EQ know how to use emotions instead of being controlled by emotions. Some people lose their temper not to be really angry, but to convey a message to others: This is my bottom line. That is to say, a person with high EQ is not a yes man, but will let others understand their principles on appropriate occasions, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes next time.

People with high EQ know how to think from the perspective of the other side. High EQ does not mean that a person is glib, they will give full consideration to the actual situation of the other party when dealing with favors, and give the most sincere suggestions instead of just talking about some superficial content.

People with high EQ are good at listening to the opinions of others. Everyone may listen to the suggestions of others, but the difference is that some people selectively take the suggestions given by others and add their own thinking. People with high EQ will never decisively reject anyone who advises him, nor will they directly follow others ‘ suggestions. They will make a good classification of the opinions of others, and then carefully select which ones will really help themselves. At the same time, those who give advice will feel that they are being valued.

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