What is the best definition of maturity?

<A truly mature person neither influences others but nor owe himself>

  • Mature people understand that 90% of the world has nothing to do with them.

>>>Especially in this information explosion society, mature people will choose to watch some classic documentaries and books and celebrity speeches. Of course, I did not say that the current hot apps are not good, but when you look at people around you who you think are mature, you will find that their lives will not revolve around all kinds of entertainment software. Because they have seen good ones, they can discern which ones are bad and eventually become mature people in the information age.

  • Mature people will get rid of the blueprint hidden in society.

>>>“My life is fine as long as nothing happens. I hope that my life can be repeated every day. I pay my loan at get off work, drink a beer and watch a football game after work, and then go to bed. I live like this and I die at my house. This is my goal.” This is a line from a Korean drama. I don’t know how many people would want to live their lives like this. But I think it’s pretty good. If you think about it carefully, you will find that society actually instills a person’s desires. For example, a person’s desires should include houses, cars, and various luxury brands, and the lifestyle that suits him is to get married, have children, and consume. In fact, some people really never put marriage on the agenda, but just want to raise a Shiba Inu and an orange cat early, and earn money for dog food happily.

  • Mature people will not infringe on others’ borders at will.

>>>Everyone has their own way of life. You can’t meet an introvert and eager to pull him out of his comfort zone and turn him into a socialite in a short period of time. Even if it seems to you that his life is really boring, you are not a saint, and it is impossible to change a person easily. Therefore, a truly mature person will not always think about letting others do something according to their own wishes, but will give full consideration to each other’s preferences and give appropriate arrangements.

  • Mature people have their own tempers but will not vent them at will.

>>>If you are a person who always pleases others, or the people around you are like this, you can feel the helplessness of their lives, because such people tend not to vent their emotions but always take care of others’ emotions. Such people cannot be called mature people. Mature people will achieve a certain goal by losing their temper, such as getting others to respect him or getting rid of people they hate. But if you lose your temper just because you lose control of your emotions, make certain behaviors that are not the original purpose, and say certain things you shouldn’t say, it is also immature. In short, a mature person’s temper is a forbearing lion, not a barking dog 🙂

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