Do you ever really get over your first love?

I broke up with my boyfriend on my birthday.

We have been together for four yeas. Every year, he will carefully prepare for my birthday, but this year I saw that he was not very happy and asked him what happened. He said he missed his first love.

I was dumbfounded but still pretended to ask him what he thought.

How could you mention your first love in front of me so bluntly. “ (To be honest, I never asked his ex-girlfirend.)

You two have the same birthday.” He replied .

I was shocked and suddenly felt I was someone else’s substitute.

I asked him to seriously think about our relationship, and whether we should go on.

He didn’t answer directly, only said he wanted to have dinner with me on my birthday.

I didn’t contact him for the next three days, nor did he.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was embarrassing. He kept his head down and said nothing.

Finally he sent me home.

Can I go up ?

I don’t think it is necessary anymore.” Then I turned around and left, deleting all his contact information.

He stood at the door and refused to go.

I let him in and told him that we won’t go back.

“You can’t forget her.”I said.

I know, I thought I could forget her as long as it was long enough.”

We were silent for a long time.

You deleted me.”

Well, why keep it. Maybe, If I can’t find a boyfriend in a few months, I will consider getting back together with you.”

You are so good, you will definitely find another one and you won’t contact me anymore.

You do know you are also my first love” I said with tears.

Sorry.” He cried.

“I don’t want your apologies.” This is the first time I have seen him cry, but I have no reason to comfort him.

Then we began to recall the various experiences we had before, the photos we took during our travels, our appointments to Hokkaido, to Jeju Island, and the photos we saved on our mobile phones…

“Your first love is really a chasm that I cannot cross.”

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