What are some things that look easy but are difficult?

  • The seemingly ordinary interpersonal interactions in reality shows are difficult for you to achieve or think of in reality.
  • Leave:

#Gambling— leave.

#Owe money—leave.

#Domestic violence— leave.

#Derail— leave.

  • Use words to express what you want to say smoothly and naturally, and let people who see the words receive the message you want to express without any major deviation.
  • Use the camera to take a selfie that satisfies you the most🙂
  • At the wedding scene, when your father hands you over to your spouse, you will not cry.
  • Make up your mind to love someone no longer—-> Love someone for a lifetime.
  • When you are working alone and receive a call from your family, tell them about your hardship.
  • When everyone’s eyes are on you, still walk in the original walking posture:)
  • Endure the temptation not to buy a thing when you enter the mall🙂

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