What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

  • Attention>Time>Money.
  • Don’t lower the standard of choosing friends because of loneliness.
  • When you are convinced that you must accomplish something, never think about how much you missed in the past, how much slower than others, whether you can catch up with the deadline, and what are the consequences of not doing it well, Just DO it.
  • You have to take the time to actively communicate with people of different professions and levels.
  • If you know something that is meaningless, don’t do it, but truly learn to control yourself.
  • The ability to think independently is destined to be a necessary ability for a person to achieve something.
  • Don’t move yourself.
  • If you want to do a difficult and long-term task, please pay attention to the core and most difficult part of the matter first.
  • Be nice to those closest to you 🙂
  • If you fail once, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Everything can be reversed. But if you give up on your own, it means you really can’t do it.
  • You may encounter some injustices in life. For example, you will see people who are not as strong as you, but are better than you. But it doesn’t matter. Finding a way to defeat them is an excellent proof of your ability.
  • When encountering things, don’t always be immersed in emotions, think of ways to solve the problem. You will reduce your worries by 80% and do a lot of things.

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