What scares you most in life?

The most frightening thing is that when everyone is on the same boat, you don’t know how many people have ulterior thoughts. I have to say that the new coronavirus let me see the evil of human nature. In other words, in the face of any disaster, we can see the behavior of some evil people.

While the epidemic situation in China is still severe, it has been reported that some people maliciously spit in the elevator.

Others lie that they have pneumonia and ask for money from their neighbors by coughing. If they don’t give them, they take off their masks and spit at others.

In order to make money, black hearted businesses produce masks that can be torn to pieces.

Before the doctors could check the patients in time, the family members of the patients kept abusing and even beating them.

These are some of the behaviors that I fear most during the epidemic. Of course, these are only a small number of people. In this epidemic situation, we have witnessed that doctors have spared no effort to rescue every patient, and met every ordinary person who seriously protects themselves.

Wish the epidemic will pass soon!

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