Which 10 things we should never do?

  1. Never abandon your kindness. You can say you want to be on the sidelines of everything in the world, but when you see someone in need, please try to help them.
  2. Never give up on yourself. Everyone’s experience is different. It may be meddlesome to tell you not to give up yourself. But I hope you believe there will be noble people in your life. Maybe all you need to do now is stick to it.
  3. Never think of one thing too simply. I always believe that those who can grow up carefree, there must be a lot of people behind him to protect him in silence. So when you don’t have enough backing behind you, don’t just look at the surface.
  4. Never indulge in something that allows you to enjoy a short period of pleasure. Your world is wonderful, and your life is still long, so don’t let yourself indulge in anything, especially the things that hurt your body.
  5. Never tell your secret to others. If you say it, it means that the secret is no longer important to you, or you really want someone to see what you’re going through. Just bury the secret in your heart. Maybe you will forget it after a long time, and it’s better than letting the secret become a conversation resource for others.
  6. Never forget to have a grateful heart. When you are not grateful for everything, you will find that there is nothing in the world worth your nostalgia.
  7. Never laugh at other people’s dreams. Dreams are not for everyone. When you meet someone who has a dream, you should know that he is brave and lucky. Of course, I hope no one will laugh at your dreams and wish your dreams come true.
  8. Never go with the flow. It’s very rare to be yourself in this era of entertainment to death. Maybe you’ve done something with the trend, but still hope you can keep your original heart, do what you should and find what you love.
  9. Never try to wake someone who pretends to be asleep. In fact, whether in love, work or in all aspects of life, when you realize that the people you like have no idea about you and your boss is not interested in your proposal, you can try to put it down, or you will be hurt.
  10. Never look too high at anyone, including yourself. You can be confident, but don’t impose too many tasks on yourself, otherwise you will be very tired, and you will gradually lose yourself under heavy pressure and constantly doubt yourself. To others, they may be excellent, but don’t put him on the altar.
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