What are the most ironic photos and images ever?

Skeleton phantom figure

This painting was made by Li Song of the Southern Song Dynasty in ancient China. It is 27 cm long and 26.3 cm wide. It is currently kept in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Many people tried to figure out the theme of the painting, but they couldn’t figure it out.

In the picture, a big skeleton is sitting on the ground, manipulating a small skeleton with hanging silk.

Next to the big skeleton, there is a burden with straw mats, umbrellas and other daily items. It looks like all the belongings of street artists wandering outside.

Behind the big skull was a woman who nursed the baby. Maybe she was his wife.

On the right side of the picture, the child is attracted by the small skeleton. The woman behind the child reaches out her hand, worried that the child may encounter any possible danger.

Some people say that the left side symbolizes death and the right side means life.

It’s very weird, but mysterious and aesthetic.

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