What did someone do that made you think they were really smart?

The following conversation is about a four-year-old, who I think is very smart. His name is Daniel.


“Little fish will be sad to leave his parents”

Then take its parents as well.

“Are you from here?”

Emmm, I am Chinese.

“Why do you kiss girls instead of boys?”

—-Because my dad said ladies first.

“Why do you like mangosteen?”(a girl)

—-No why.

“If we love mom, how should we treat her?”

—-Buy her flowers, diamonds, necklaces, lipsticks. Beautiful shoes!

“You can ask the calf if it’s full”

—-He can’t talk.

“Who else is good except you?”

—-I think Max is good, too. Jasper is a little bit good.

“Because your mother likes Wu Yanzu very much, his English name is Daniel, so your English name is also called Daniel.

—-Is he more handsome than you, dad?

“Yes, more handsome than me.”

So Dad, you can change your name to Daniel.

“No, I refuse“


“Is the scenery beautiful here? “

—-Beautiful, but not as beautiful as my mom,she is more beautiful than snow white!

“Do you think parents should beat their children?”



—-Because I don’t like those people who are too strict.

“In the future, if you have children, will you beat him?”

—-I won’t have children, because I’m a boy and I won’t have children!

“Yes, you will have a wife in the future. Your wife will give birth to you.”



—-Because I only like mom.


“What do you do can upset your mom?”

—-She never lost her temper with me.

“What’s your mom’s favorite food?”

—-Hot pot. Why do you ask such a simple question.

“Do you think your mom is beautiful?”

—-Well, good-looking. The whole body is good-looking, make-up is good-looking, no make-up is also good-looking.

“What are the shortcomings of your mom?”

—-No one.

By the way he is very cute!!!: )

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