What are 5 habits that can destroy my life?

  1. Procrastination. I believe many people have experienced a lot of procrastination. When you are young, you may put off your homework until the last day; when you grow up, you want to put off your original plan again and again. Most of the time, it’s not that we have no plan for our own life, but we think too much and are not willing to do it.
  2. Symbolic effort (or pretending to try). If you have a goal in mind, and you start to do it, you feel very attentive, just like in school, you see your deskmate studying, you also put your mobile phone away, pick up a book and start reading. But in fact, you know in your heart that you are not studying seriously, just doing superficial work.
  3. Indulge in cheap pleasures. This should be easy to understand. After all, there are so many entertainment software now. We may watch videos for hours without knowing it. Until we are hungry, we can remember that it has been so long, but our original plan has not been implemented at all.
  4. Over consumption. A good consumption concept can make your life better step by step, but excessive consumption can make your life fall into an abyss. What impresses me most is that there are many young and ignorant children who may hurt their bodies in pursuit of an Apple phone or some luxury goods, such as selling kidneys, selling their eggs, taking naked photos of themselves, and then on various platforms Borrow money. Of course, these are some extreme examples, but excessive consumption can really push some people into the abyss.
  5. Unhealthy eating habits. We should all know that, after all, only when we have a healthy eating habit and a healthy body can we do anything else we want to do: )
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