What made you upset today?

Today, I saw on the Internet that a graduate student of an institution of higher learning passed away. He wrote some of his experiences in school on his social software. You can feel from his words that he is a gentle person, but you can only understand his life through the news of his death. This is a small part of what he wrote:

“I remember that when I ordered takeout, I donated a penny to their public welfare activities, hoping to realize my wish that I would become a cat in a cat cafe in my next life, even a wild cat. After all, the life span of a cat is more than ten years, and I have lived for 25 years, which is not much longer than a cat.

I hope that our family and friends will be prosperous in the future.”


My friend’s house has a cat cafe, the balcony on the left side of the second floor is not closed, there are four or five brothers and sisters in the family. They have good temper. You remember to come…

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