Which sentences have made you think the most in your life?

About growth

People grow up three times,

The first time is when you find yourself not the center of the world.

The second time is when you find that even if you try harder, some things still can’t be changed.

The third time is when you know something can’t be changed, but you still try to fight for it.

About love

Every morning,

I was sitting at the door with a book in my hand,

People who pass by will praise my rose,

Some even want to fold one or two.

I’ll ignore it until the day you come,

Smiling eyes narrowed into crescent moon,

Ask me what books I read,

I knew forty thousand roses were yours.

About yourself

You see, I’m not going to please you with my looks,

There’s no need for your pity,

I love the rust in my body,

More than love you.

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