What common mistakes do people make when choosing a life partner?

  • Too fast development. When you first get to know someone, it’s easy to be moved by the surface image which created by the other person. If you don’t get along with each other for a long time, what you like is an image created by your partner or yourself. So at the beginning of the relationship, don’t develop too fast.
  • Express your love too soon. Confession is just a ceremony to confirm the relationship. It needs to be based on the long-term relationship, rather than impulsive confession without knowing anything.
  • Prepare for a retreat. At the beginning of a relationship, some people will prepare themselves for the future because of the lack of security. If the relationship doesn’t fit, they will fall in love with another person immediately. It’s hard to meet the right person in this mindset.
  • Over tension. Many people are very afraid and worried that his partner will leave suddenly. They will pay too much attention to each other and want to stick to each other even every minute. This kind of love will cause great pressure on each other and make both sides feel depressed.
  • Discuss predecessors. If the your ex say is good, your partner will think your old love is unforgettable for you; If you say he is bad, your partner will think that you are too mean to a person who you don’t love any more.
  • Summarize each other in one sentence. Don’t generalize your partner. If you want to generalize, you can understand him or her with your whole life.
  • Public your daily details. Love is a matter of two people, and many details of communication don’t need to be published on all social media all the time:)

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