What psychological tricks can you can use to make someone fall in love with you ?

    • Please him in time.

    If you want someone to fall in love with you, first you have to pretend that you like him, pretend that you are interested in the issues he is interested in.

    • Use his name as much as possible

    Because ordinary people are more interested in his own name than all other names in the world.

    However, if simply pleasing someone can make him fall in love with you, it is too simple.

    • Find a chance to question him

    When someone is surrounded by a group of flattering people, if you can be very accurate in criticizing him, and precisely points out what he is worried about, then he will worship you.

    • Praise him skillfully

    Don’t let the other person realize that you praise him for something else. If he finds out that you are actually seeking benefits from him, his affection for you will be greatly reduced. Because in his opinion, purposeful praise is transactional praise, and he thinks he is manipulated.

    • Find a chance to ask him to help you

    If a person offers us a small favor, we will be happy to help. At the same time, after the help is completed, we will feel that we are close to the person. When you accept other people’s help, still remember to praise him, of course, skillfully praise him, let him feel your sincerity.

    • Show your weakness

    When you dare to tell him your vulnerability, he can realize that if he does not help you, you may disclose your vulnerability to others, which is equivalent to a kind of loss to him. People don’t like to lose.

    Don’t be a hedgehog. Bravely express your vulnerability and give him a chance to help you. It will enhance the feelings of two people:)

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